Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services, Inc. provides independent fiduciary and investment management services for qualified retirement plans including Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

Independent Decisions and Professional Experience for Retirement Plans:

Independent Fiduciary

We can advise or stand in the place of the ongoing plan trustee or fiduciary for investment decisions that may affect the plan and its participants for:

  • Leveraged and unleveraged ESOP transactions
  • Acquisitions and sales of employer stock by company retirement plans
  • Company stock in other qualified plans
  • ERISA Sec. 404 (c) protection for employer stock
  • Pass-through voting and tender offer decision making
  • Management and divestiture of shares
  • Satisfying independent fiduciary requirement for meeting prohibited transaction exemption in connection with settlement of litigation per P.T. Exemption 2003-39 of 12-31-03
  • Orphan Plans
  • Rabbi trusts

Investment Management for Qualified Plan Portfolios.

Purchaser Representative

Retainer Consulting - A continuing relationship to review or monitor periodic valuations, transactions or investment portfolios.